Chameleon Gym and Dojo Back in Action as Crop Over Draws Near

The Chameleon Gym and Dojo is back up and running- it’s bigger and better and its management team says that all systems are on go for welcoming even more clients under a fresh rebranding.

The seven year gym which is located in the Pine Industrial Estate was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic but the gym’s Managing and Marketing Consultant, Faith Lorde, explained that with major rebranding they are ready to add new value to the health sector.

“We felt the need to rebrand and restructure. We value the feedback of our many devoted members, some of whom have been with us for many years. We improved our dojo and gym in response to their feedback. Some of the improvements include installing full wall mirrors, expanding our weight room space, adding additional equipment, revamping our martial arts dojo, adding more spin bikes, and making our studio and weight room entirely air-conditioned,” she explained.

The Chameleon Gym and Dojo started as R.O.C.K (Regional Organization for Combat Karate/ Jujitsu), a martial arts club, which existed since 2004, at various locations. They have gained international recognition from over two dozen international councils since 2005.

However, they made the move to the Pine Industrial Estate, the Pine, St. Michael and expanded to a gym which is now in its seventh year.

Lorde said that she believes that the gym will continue to be known for its community spirit, a pillar which is central to the Chameleon’s ethos.

“The term community spirit has a deeper meaning for us. Those who have been with us understand how important family and forming relationships are to us. We therefore organize club activities, family fun days, and interclub competitions with the goal of strengthening relationships among our members.”

The managing and marketing consultant added that the goal is to establish a sense of community while bridging the gap between martial arts and fitness.

There are also a number of specials on offer for those looking to get into shape for the Crop Over season and beyond:

“We have family rates, community specials, we have combo packages like the Chameleon Membership, which allows members to take martial arts classes and join our weight room at a cheaper rate. We have a variety of packages for martial arts to make it affordable for kids and adults. We also have a 25 and under special for both our weight room and martial arts classes.

And particularly for those seeking to lose weight for the Crop Over season, Lorde said that the opening hours have extended while the gym is now open seven days.

“We are also increasing our class offerings to include a wuk up class and we are also planning a major fitness event, so follow our IG page @chameleon.rock for updates.”

The marketing consultant who is also a fitness enthusiast and educator said that her life has been transformed since prioritizing health as part of the Chameleon Gym and Dojo team.

“It has taught me the value of prioritizing fitness; regardless of how busy life becomes, you should always find time to work out and prepare nutritious meals. It is more than just looking physically attractive for Crop Over. It is important to monitor your health and wellness to avoid NCDs like diabetes and hypertension.

We also allow parents to workout with their children in our fitness classes. It is crucial to lead by example because children observe and model our behavior. This puts the National Nutrition Policy into perspective and highlighted how crucial it is to get our children on this path early on by encouraging them to eat healthy, drink more water and exercise,” Lorde added.