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Artist and Entrepreneur Summa Davis Celebrates Last 20 with A Bang

It’s been a busy year for popular soca artist and business woman Summa Davis and a special one as well as she celebrated in a big way for her April Birthday this year by having a special spin class entitled Last Twenty- the Spin Edition.
The spin instructor and entrepreneur who this year released the ambitious track My Life had special appearances by well-known artists Lead Pipe & Saddis and Mole De Chief who revealed a number of his new tracks.

Managing and Marketing Consultant at Chameleon Gym, Faith Lorde described Summas as a young, innovative artist who aimed to combine her love of fitness with her music and entertainment lifestyle.

While speaking to News on the Go Now Summa described Last 20 as an amazing success. “Last 20 came off fantastic, it’s what I expected it to be because last year we also had a sold out class. So being sold out again was expected.”

She shared that her vision is to keep growing her numbers and incorporating her classes into event themes to keep it “interesting and a fun experience.”

While speaking about the support from other artists, she said: “Having support from popular artists means alot to me. These are my fellow artists, I see them like brothers. It attracts more participants who are fans of the artists, enhance the atmosphere with energizing music, and create a unique experience that sets my class apart from others,” she added.

Lorde went on to explain that having the support of popular artists like Summa adds to the unique touch of their gym and aligns with their fitness and business model.

“Our model is very diverse and we value national spirit and ties, even within our martial arts activities. We therefore allow the cross-over of many genres, whether it’s music, dance, or entertainment in general, inter-club, regional, and international competitions; our club is the melting pot of various activities. We therefore support persons like Summa Davis who adds a
unique touch to our gym and aligns well with our vision for fitness,” she added.

Summa can be found online @summapondemcase.
Meanwhile, the Chameleon Gym can be found @chameleon.rock

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