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Ashley Serieux celebrates her poem reaching 200,000 views on TikTok

Ashley Serieux is new to the poetic scene but her conscious poem Comment Section, which highlights the comments made by persons when young girls go missing has been shared over 2,439 times and currently has 201.3K views on TikTok.

Ashley upon being told by the PoeTree Barbados Executive on May 13th, 2024, that her poem had amassed 201.3k on PoeTree Barbados’ TikTok page was elated and said she was pleased that such a serious message was able to connect with so many persons, both locally, regionally, and internationally.

“It is surreal as the topic is a very serious topic, some persons don’t take these topics into consideration. But once it was posted a lot of persons all over the region came together and realized that what I discussed in the piece was not just an issue in Barbados but an issue all over the Caribbean and it needs to change,” she said.

Serieux said she is pleased that 349 persons commented on the post commending her for calling out the commenters who comment on posts when young girls run away that ‘she has gone by she-man’.

“When the piece was written by myself and La Shawna Griffith it was a process of reading the comments on missing girls post for years and deciding that I wanted to show that there are other reasons that young girls are missing outside of the comments which have become normalized, ‘she by she man, she force ripe’, and some of the times these young girls have
horrible home environments and are in serious danger. We have had unfortunate situations in the past where young girls were discovered deceased, so this matter is truly one that is serious and needs to be taken as such,” she said.

What is next for Ashley with her newfound fame? She will be working on more poetic content and seeking to establish her brand as a performing artiste.

“ I will be performing a bit more to get my poetry out there and show persons the range of my pen as a poet. I am really excited to perform on PoeTree Barbados’ stage again on May 30th, 2024, my new poem Enough which touches on the issues persons face with their mental health. To find out more information about myself or about PoeTree Barbados’ upcoming event
you can follow us on Instagram @ashesobsessed or poetreebarbados,” she said.

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