Safety Concerns Escalate in Christ Church Amidst Accidents and Unmet Needs

On Saturday, February 17th, 2024, a twelve-year-old was struck by a car while crossing the road in Windsor Road, Christ Church. The residents of Windsor Road, Christ Church, Windsor Road, St. George and Hannays Valley, Christ Church have vented their concerns about the need for a crosswalk on the busy street, which usually has a high volume of traffic. One resident who asked not to be named said, “The entire stretch of road needs doing something with, residents in Campaign Castle, St George which adjoins Windsor Road, are awaiting a street light by their bus stop for several months. There is no crossing in Breton for the children either.” The concerned resident recalled the tragic accident that took place in Campaign Castle, which resulted in the death of the victim, who was struck by an overtaking vehicle in an unlit area. Another resident vented her concerns by saying, “There’s no road crossing; I believe they need one because the road is a weird one and no one really takes caution while driving on it.”

The father of the accident victim said his daughter is in the process of recovering and he is concerned about her recovery due to him being in an accident last January and is currently in therapy one year later and unable to work. No information was given in regard to the injuries the child sustained.

Efforts to reach the parliamentary representative have been futile.