Island Fitness Centre Ready for Business

For the first time since 1998 a gym is now in Broad Street and though it was no easy feat in establishing it, owner Dave Waldron believes in the possibilities of the new fitness center.

The Island Fitness Centre is now located in the heart of Bridgetown neatly positioned along the busy business stretch of Lower Broad Street opposite the taxi stand. While speaking to News on the Go Now, founder of Island Fitness Centre Dave Waldron, said that he is truly committed to improving the health and wellness of the people of Barbados.

“I am happy to be able to offer an affordable full service gym facility to the City. We have had no assistance from corporate Barbados. Banks are not lending unless the facility is fully secured by cash. So to give them 50 thousand to hold in order to borrow 50 thousand and pay them back 96 thousand all together with interest is ridiculous!”

While reflecting on the gym’s time during the pandemic he said that they almost folded like other businesses. “Covid was very hard for us. Commercial gyms were closed for over 20 months, and that was followed by a storm and then a volcano. It wasn’t easy but it feels good to be still here fulfilling my calling,” he said.

Waldron reflected on his time growing up as a working class boy with a heap of ambition but with little financial means. He said that he believes that now is the time for him to see his purpose fulfilled. “I am a little guy from the ghetto who has fought hard despite ridiculous odds to realize my dream. I have excelled at sports representing my country with little to no support, excelled in art, performed exceptionally well in every opportunity provided by the Y.E.S program, BIMAP, NIFCA and yet this was the only modality that allowed me to use the greatest percentage of my skill set.”

He added: “I was born to help guide my people to better health…as a country, our people have always been our greatest resource, remarkably intelligent and resourceful as well as tremendously genetically gifted, and it seems as though we have forgotten that,” he pointed out.

The entrepreneur and personal trainer added that he was concerned about the eating habits of locals but explained he was happy to fill the void where the need for more gyms are concerned. “Now preventable NCDs are destroying our society and decimating our quality of life. I am here to do my part by providing affordable, convenient, and functional wellness for
all from ten years to one hundred and ten years.”

The Island Fitness Centre has also partnered with the BPWCCUL to offer membership rates as low as $100 per month to all its members and staff. Special rates for all armed forces and civil servants. “These people are our lifeline and backbone and we are here to support them. We are offering special packages for all financial institutions in the area, these persons work
long hours and have rather stressful jobs. This is our capital and we are committed to making all the people from security guards to store clerks and taxi drivers to executives healthier. Perhaps this will assist with the revitalization of our city,” Waldron added.

He made the point that a healthy individual means a healthy workforce and also a healthy country. “Healthier people earn more, contribute more to society, cost less to employ and support, they are much less of a drain on the country’s resources, they rear healthier and more psychologically balanced children, they make better life choices,” he added.

The Island Fitness Centre is open for business and as Waldron said its open to new partnerships with corporate Barbados and is on a mission to close that hole where Non Communicable Diseases are concerned.

Artist and Entrepreneur Summa Davis Celebrates Last 20 with A Bang

It’s been a busy year for popular soca artist and business woman Summa Davis and a special one as well as she celebrated in a big way for her April Birthday this year by having a special spin class entitled Last Twenty- the Spin Edition.
The spin instructor and entrepreneur who this year released the ambitious track My Life had special appearances by well-known artists Lead Pipe & Saddis and Mole De Chief who revealed a number of his new tracks.

Managing and Marketing Consultant at Chameleon Gym, Faith Lorde described Summas as a young, innovative artist who aimed to combine her love of fitness with her music and entertainment lifestyle.

While speaking to News on the Go Now Summa described Last 20 as an amazing success. “Last 20 came off fantastic, it’s what I expected it to be because last year we also had a sold out class. So being sold out again was expected.”

She shared that her vision is to keep growing her numbers and incorporating her classes into event themes to keep it “interesting and a fun experience.”

While speaking about the support from other artists, she said: “Having support from popular artists means alot to me. These are my fellow artists, I see them like brothers. It attracts more participants who are fans of the artists, enhance the atmosphere with energizing music, and create a unique experience that sets my class apart from others,” she added.

Lorde went on to explain that having the support of popular artists like Summa adds to the unique touch of their gym and aligns with their fitness and business model.

“Our model is very diverse and we value national spirit and ties, even within our martial arts activities. We therefore allow the cross-over of many genres, whether it’s music, dance, or entertainment in general, inter-club, regional, and international competitions; our club is the melting pot of various activities. We therefore support persons like Summa Davis who adds a
unique touch to our gym and aligns well with our vision for fitness,” she added.

Summa can be found online @summapondemcase.
Meanwhile, the Chameleon Gym can be found @chameleon.rock